Participation is an important aspect of this course. As the course is a very experience-based course, and we are mimicking a startup, it is important that everyone participates.

You are expected to be active in the following:

It is very important that you are meaningfully active on your team’s GitHub repositories. If it is noticed that you are not participating at all, we’ll have a talk to discuss the issue. If you do not correct for these actions, you may be subject to losing participation marks in CSC454/2527 as well.

I am not expecting you to be super outgoing (I’m certainly not the most outgoing myself) but I do expect you to be actively participating when you can. If there are concerns, please let me know in private so we can discuss any issues. Nothing here should be a surprise for you at the end of the term.

Note that some of these can be easily tracked (GitHub issues, Pull Requests, commenting on lectures, Slack Messages) and some of this will be based on observations from the teaching staff. We will also be expecting that you provide a written paragraph summarizing your participation.

Requirements for Participation

Students are required to comment on the “Participation” assignment on the Learn Software app. It must include a paragraph outlining:

This entry is private and only the teaching staff can see it. Participation will be marked as 0 for all sections on which it is indicated below.

Team Principles

In assignment 1 you will create a principles document outlining how often your team will meet, how they prefer to communicate, and how they prefer to work. While this is a living document and expected to change slightly throughout the term (with approval from the rest of your team), you are still expected to uphold the various principles contained within. If your team doesn’t see you at any meetings - for example - then you are not upholding your team principles.


Participation on GitHubParticipated in GitHub Issues & Submitted GitHub PRs. Paragraph is provided in the LearnSoftware application (-100% on this section if not provided).25.0
Participation in lecturesParticipated in and viewed online lectures, attended and engaged in class presentations, demos, etc.25.0
TeamParticipated in all team work, adhered to team principles, etc. Paragraph is provided in the LearnSoftware application (-100% on this section if not provided).50.0


You must submit a comment on the “Participation Assignment” in the LearnSoftware app by the due date (11:59:59pm on the last day of class). This comment should explain how you participated and help me corraborate the work I see in GitHub, Slack, and Class.

Questions or Concerns?

Rating Scale

This scale is used for each line of the rubric above.

Outstanding, Thoughtful and thorough100% of pts
Strong, Good effort and explanation given80% of pts
Acceptable, Some effort and explanation given60% of pts
Insufficient, Little effort was made40% of pts
Unacceptable, No effort was made0% of pts