These are the presentations for this course. Video versions of these are available on the Learn Software application.

ModuleLecture DescriptionPresentationSlides
1Introduction & Product/Market FitRenderedRaw
2aDiversity/Inclusion - The ProductRenderedRaw
2bDiversity/Inclusion - The WorkplaceRenderedRaw
2cDiversity/Inclusion - BiasesKeynote PresentationPDF
4aBest Practices - LanguagesKeynote PresentationPDF
4bBest Practices - Linting, Semantic Analysis, CI/CD, Dev EnvironmentsKeynote PresentationPDF
5Production Systems, Teams & Focuses, Hosting, and On-CallKeynote PresentationPDF
6StorytellingKeynote PresentationPDF
7CI SystemsKeynote PresentationPDF


While class attendance is mandatory, we will not be taking attendance. This is a senior computer science class with a highly competitive application process. As such, you are trusted to make the best choice for yourself and your team.

While there is no exam, keep in mind that we will be discussing topics relevant to your projects. If you miss a class, you will have to learn that material on your own and you will be expected to take it into account during the course of your project.

See the Attendance Policy here.