Option 1 - Blog Post

I believe in the value of good writing and sharing knowledge.

dev.to is a platform on which developers share knowledge, have discussions, and debate tons of development-related topics. There are also career topics and other related startup-related topics.

This option is to write a blog post on dev.to on a topic with which you have expertise.

You can write as many posts as you want, but can only obtain up to 2% among all bonus assignments.



You are to publish your post on dev.to, submit it on the LearnSoftware application, and message me on Slack. Failing to message me on Slack before the due date will result in a 0% bonus.


ContentUseful information that someone will find useful60.0
Grammar and Writing QualityHas little to no grammatical mistakes30.0
LengthIt is at least 800 words (~4 min read)10.0