University of Toronto’s Capstone Design Course through the Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab (DCSIL).

Table of Contents

Course Overview

Students will write a software application that implements the business ideas developed in CSC454/2526 (Business of Software). This course will expose students to the core technologies, ideas, and processes in developing a startup.

Students will be given a theme, in the corequisite course (CSC454), in which to develop a startup. Students are expected to:

Class time will be a mixture of project-focused workshops, lectures, and discussions. The class will be small and very interactive. Students may hear from guest lecturers from the field.

Requirements to take this course

There is a co-requisite to CSC491/2600, students must also be enrolled in CSC454/2527 or have taken CSC454/2527 before to take this course.

There is also an application process on the DCSIL website.

I would also encourage you to review the recommended skills and knowledge on the DCSIL website

Required Materials/Software

There aren’t any required materials persay, but it is highly recommended to bring a laptop to class with a fully functioning developer environment for your project. While not all classes will be workshops, it is recommended to bring your laptop during each class for other uses such as research.

You will also need a GitHub account.

It is required to download, install, and set up Zoom as this will be used for all communications throughout the term.


Hello! My name is Julian Nadeau. You can reach me at julian.nadeau[at]

I am a Senior Software Developer at GitHub during the day. I’ve also worked in the startup space quite a lot having experienced explosive growth in various roles at Shopify from 2013 through 2019, including their IPO. I’ve run a not-for-profit startup as well, called Code For Kids, that helped teach kids how to code.

You can view my personal website at and my LinkedIn Profile here.

Office Hours

Office hours are by appointment. Please email me at julian.nadeau[at], though messaging me on DCSIL’s Slack group is more likely to get a response.

While the course is online due to Covid-19, I am willing to meet up for a socially distanced coffee or park visit in person in the downtown core of Toronto to discuss any issues in person if you would strongly prefer that. Please wear a mask (except when drinking your coffee/tea/water), I will not meet with you if you are not wearing your mask.

Time and Location

Class is on Thursdays from 4-7PM EST on Zoom. If you are not in a time zone that aligns with EST, please let me know early!

This said, lectures are asynchronous online. The 4-7pm lecture slot is reserved for working periods, guest lectures, discussion, etc.

I don’t like something about this course

There’s always room for improvement and I’m happy to take any feedback.

Please submit an issue on this repo, or preferably make a pull request changing or adding something you don’t like.

That said, remember that your changes or concerns aren’t guaranteed to be addressed how you want. I (the instructor) have the final say.

If you prefer to speak privately, please email me or message me on Slack.