Final Demo

Your final live demo will be to the entire class. You should present a functional demo of the product you built over the last few months. You will give a live demo of the product in class to the instructor & TA and take questions from everyone.

The goals of the demo are:

Initial Requirements

The demo should include the following:

It is okay if…


You will demo this in class to everyone.

You must also create a release on your repo where the code is located. This will give us a snapshot in time and allow us to grade it. See release body criteria and example below. Assignments without a coherent release body that follow the instructions in this assignment will be rejected and marked 1 day late.

The release does not need to include pull requests or commits from every member. The body does not even need any content, just ensure it is there and appropriately labelled.

What is “Real Working Software” for the final demo?

This is a course designed to make a startup. When you’re running a startup, you need all the help you can get. This means your software should be adequately automated. We will be looking for the following when determining if your software is “real” and “working”.

The Application

Questions or Concerns?


Problem and SolutionGives a concise explanation of the problem and solution.5.0
Product VisionExplains the vision of the product, tells us about the future of the product, does not leave questions unanswered**15.0
DemoThe demonstration covers the main flows of the application. The flows seem to address the problem and be a solution.25.0
SoftwareHas working code that runs and delivers a demo. Does not need to use command line (unless that is the main product UI!), code, unit tests, or other mockups to show the main flow. Mockups can be used to show non-main-path or future plans.25.0
ReflectionThoughtfully reflects on the build plan, architecture diagram, product, and problems faced. Describes how these changed over the term. Outlines plans into the future. Students incorporate the descriptions and problems, as well as future plans, into their demo to give the audience a visual understanding.15.0
PresentationEngaging presentation, ensures only relevant parts are shown and does not sugar-coat. Tells a good story.15.0

** It is ok to say “I’m not sure, thank you for bringing that up. I’ll research it and get back to you” as long as it’s not a large portion of the questions

Rating Scale

This scale is used for each line of the rubric above.

Outstanding, Thoughtful and thorough100% of pts
Strong, Provides some thought80% of pts
Acceptable, Simple explanation60% of pts
Insufficient, Little effort was made to give explanations40% of pts
Unacceptable, No effort was made or the section was missing0% of pts