Class Schedule

This is a class schedule indicating what we aim to do each week and the recommended lectures to watch each week. This is broken down by weeks and aims to provide you a general outline of the progress you should make throughout this course.

#DateAssignmentsLecture TimeRecommended Async Lectures
1Thursday, January 14 2021-First day of class, Introductions & Course OverviewStory Telling
2Thursday, January 21 2021❗A1 DueAI TutorialVarious Diversity & Inclusion
3Thursday, January 28 2021❗A2 DueDiscussions around DiversityVarious Diversity & Inclusion // start Different Kinds of Tests / Best Practices - Languages / Best Pracitces - Linting, Semantic Analysis, etc
4Thursday, February 4 2021-Guest SpeakerDifferent Kinds of Tests / Best Practices - Languages / Best Pracitces - Linting, Semantic Analysis, etc
5Thursday, February 11 2021❗A3 Due
❗A6 Demo
Work in ClassUX Reasearch + Data Bias
6Thursday, February 18 2021-NO CLASS - Reading Week-
7Thursday, February 25 2021❗A4 Due
❗A6 Demo
Work in ClassInfrastructure, Prod Eng, Production, etc
8Thursday, March 4 2021-❗A5 Due
Discussions around Infrastructure
Ethics and Accessibility
9Thursday, March 11 2021Work in ClassGuest Speaker-
10Thursday, March 18 2021-Work in Class-
11Thursday, March 25 2021- ❗A6 DemoWork in Class-
12Thursday, April 1 2021-Work in Class-
13Thursday, April 8 2021❗A7 Due
❗A6 Demo
Software Due - Demos of your Software-
N/AFriday, April 9 2021-Bonus Assignment Due-



Your software

To help you keep on track, here are some general recommendations and guidelines on milestones and goals you should aim for throughout the term. While most of these aren’t mandatory (unless enforced by assignments), following these will help ensure your success and avoid stress and chaos in the last 2 weeks of the course.


Here is an example of the progress I would expect for each demo slot:


Please see the assignments section.