Team Grades

When working in teams, students are expected to divide workload equitably. The nature of the division is up to the team members, and does not require that all members work the same hours or produce identical volumes of work. By default all team members receive an identical grade on team assignments, except for any part noted as “individual”.

During your first assignment you will create a “team expectations” document that all team members must agree on. This will help us set expectations for workload and expectations of all members.

Students should report any difficulties in their teams to a member of the Teaching Team as early as possible so that the difficulties can be addressed in a positive way.

Students should also maintain as complete a record of team interactions as possible. GitHub Issues are the best way to accommodate this, and are required to be used for roadmapping and gathering team feedback.

Based on solicited, confidential feedback, or at the instructors discretion based on participation in the course - the Course Instructor may adjust the grade distribution within a team through means including lower participation grades and overall adjustment of the grade for individual assignments.