Bonus Assignment

This course has the option of completing bonus assignments. Each one is valuable to your skills and your career. They have been chosen based on what I perceive to be skills of value in the workplace.

These are the 4 options, each are worth 2% of your mark. You cannot obtain more than a 2% bonus.

  1. Write a blog post on
  2. Find and fix a security vulnerability in the Learn Software App
  3. Find and fix a bug in the Learn Software App
  4. Implement a feature in the Learn Software App

Click into the options for more details.

Questions or Concerns?

Rating Scale

This scale is used for each line of the rubric above.

Outstanding, Thoughtful and thorough100% of pts
Strong, Good effort and explanation given80% of pts
Acceptable, Some effort and explanation given60% of pts
Insufficient, Little effort was made40% of pts
Unacceptable, No effort was made0% of pts