Assignments, Deliverables, Distribution of Grades

There are a number of assignments that make up your final grade, the weights are listed below:

AssignmentDescriptionWeightSubmission LocationDue Date
Assignment 1A1 - Team Introduction, Team Setup5%repoJanuary 21, 2021
Assignment 2A2 - Team Exploration - Diversity and Inclusion10%repoJanuary 28, 2021
Assignment 3A3 - Tech Choices, Architecture Diagram, Roadmap10%repoFebruary 11, 2021
Assignment 4A4 - UX Research w/Prototype, Roadmap Updates8%repoFebruary 25, 2021
Assignment 5A5 - Dev Env, Test Infrastructure, & Production Setup10%repoMarch 04, 2021
Assignment 6A6 - Class Demos10%classApril 08, 2021
SoftwareSoftware40%repoApril 08, 2021
ParticipationParticipation7%N/AApril 08, 2021
Bonus Assignment (Bonus)Bonus Assignment2%Dev.ToApril 09, 2021
 Total100% (+2%)  

Important Notes

The whole point of this course is to write software. We aren’t building an algorithm or standalone data structure - and leetcode is pretty useless in real day-to-day software development (sorry “cracking the coding interview”). To reflect this, the majority of your grade is reflected in your software deliverable.

Software, however, is not just made up of the code you throw into some files. It takes a team, infrastructure, and product work to build up something that works well. To reflect this, the other half of your grade is made up of various topics like team building, technology choices, infrastructure, and roadmapping. If you do not do well on this part, you will have a hard time truly succeeding in delivering a good software product.